Work-Related Severe Burns Are All Too Common In Georgia Restaurants

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According to information supplied by the American Burn Association, burn injuries are the second most common cause of accidental death in the United States (only motor vehicle accidents cause more fatal injuries). In the American workplace, almost 40,000 work-related burn injuries occur each year. While some of these burns are minor, thousands result in injuries that require admission into a burn center.

Work-Related Burns Are High Among Restaurant Workers

While restaurants are not generally considered unduly dangerous places to work, work-related burns are quite common among restaurant employees. In fact, the food service industry experiences the highest number of burns of any employment sector. Restaurant burns come from a host of risks, including:

  •  Steam
  •  Oil and grease
  •  Boiling soups and other liquids
  •  Hot grills and ovens
  •  Improperly maintained wiring and electrical appliances

Other Contributing Burn Factors

A host of other factors lead to burns in the food industry. Work-related burn numbers tend to escalate where managers are lax in enforcing safety rules, and where food service employees themselves get careless about safety. Other factors include:

  •  Worker inexperience – Particularly in the fast food industry, workers tend to be young, and lack experience and training when it comes to working near hot equipment or in handling hot food.
  •  Fatigue – Just as it is dangerous to operate a motor vehicle when exhausted, it is extremely dangerous to work in and around hot grease and other restaurant hazards when one is worn out.
  •  Congested work areas – Particularly in urban restaurants, like many in Savannah, where real estate rents are high and there is pressure to find room for as many tables as possible, the work area can get crowded and congested. All too many injuries occur when one worker with hot food runs into another. Many restaurant kitchens require workers to stoop and assume awkward positions in changing out hot grease.

Tips to Avoid Restaurant Burns

When it comes to burns, a penny of prevention can be worth more than a dollar of cure. Safety experts recommend a number of actions to help prevent burns:

  •  Wear non-skid shoes to prevent slipping on greasy or damp floors
  •  Wear protective gloves when handling hot pots or when cooking with hot oils
  •  Read and follow safety instructions on all electric appliances
  •  Keep first-aid kits handy
  •  Make sure several workers have been trained in first aid practices
  •  Keep fire extinguishers accessible and appropriately charged

Burns Can Change a Life in a Mere Second

Burns can change a worker’s life in a brief moment. Aside from the pain associated with the burn, there often is accompanied scarification. Burns can even cause blindness. Have you or a family member suffered a burn at work? The workers’ compensation insurance company may try to minimize the problem. The employer and insurance company has a team of attorneys looking out for them; you need a strong, aggressive, and experienced team looking out for you. You deserve the best legal representation that you can get.

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