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Sometimes you might think that negotiating with your insurance company is easy.

After all, you have been paying your premiums on time for years. You are a loyal customer, and you have even held several policies with them. Perhaps you are a business professional too; ergo you are confident in your ability to negotiate.

No matter how much negotiation knowledge you have or how many negotiations you have undergone, personal injury compensation is nothing to DIY. Instead, you should always hire a capable, skilled personal injury attorney.

7 Compelling Reasons to Hire an Attorney Now — and Never DIY Your Case

  1. An attorney has experience handling claims just like yours. How may personal injury claims have you argued in the past month? Year? Most likely, you have never negotiated a personal injury claim. However, an attorney has — possibly dozens each month.
  2. There is no obligation for hiring an attorney. You have no risks hiring a personal injury attorney. An attorney takes your case on a contingency fee basis. Ergo, you do not pay unless that attorney recovers compensation.
  3. You can focus on recovery. You have injuries. You might also have personal obligations (i.e. family, work, and so forth). You need to focus your attention elsewhere, so hiring an attorney ensures you can focus on what matters.
  4. Attorneys have resources. Attorneys have access to a plethora of resources that a layperson does not. For example, your attorney has an investigator likely on retainer.
  5. You gain objectivity. You represent your case thoroughly; after all, you are the victim. Your attorney is an objective third party that has no emotional ties to your case. While dedicated to a positive outcome, they do not let emotions guide that result or their negotiations.
  6. Unlocking alternative resolutions. Don’t want to go to trial unless you must? You can substitute trial with negotiations and other alternative resolutions outside of court. Your attorney knows how to find these options and encourage the other side to allow alternative dispute resolution too.
  7. Experience with the defense and judge. Most likely, your attorney knows the defense attorney. Furthermore, they know the judges in the local civil courts; therefore, they can negotiate with that attorney and seek a better outcome for your case.

Injured? Then You Need Clarke Nash

After your serious injury, do not try to negotiate on your own. Instead, contact attorney Clarke Nash to explore your options. With several years of experience, Clarke is an adept negotiator who is professional, highly accomplished, and works as your advocate to ensure you receive the settlement you deserve for your injuries.

Call him today to schedule your consultation at 912-200-5292 or request more information online.