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Have you ever seen the advertisements for law firms and local attorneys specializing in personal injury cases?

They act as though they are your friend, and say that they care about your case. They also promise that they will help you get the maximum amount of compensation for your claim.

The problem is, they bait those who are legitimately injured and at home looking for answers. Because victims may not know of an attorney themselves or know anyone who has used one, they decide to give in and make the call.

These TV attorneys typically have 24-hour hotlines set up with an operator service. The victim leaves his or her contact information, and may be directed to a lawyer immediately or told that one will contact him or her shortly.

An attorney does speak with you about your problem, while encouraging you to retain him or her so that the attorney can assist you. Since you do not know your rights, you agree.

The Issue with TV Attorneys

While they are legitimate attorneys with real law firms, the real question is how much thought did you put into this attorney before hiring him or her? You didn’t have an in-person consultation and you didn’t get the chance to ask necessary questions to ensure that he or she has your best interests at heart.

There are questions which you need to ask an attorney before hiring him or her, and especially before agreeing to the contingency or retainer fees.

Questions You Should Ask Any Attorney Before Signing a Contract

  1. How are you different from the other attorneys out there? You want to know what this attorney is offering you over the rest, and why he or she is so special compared to the dozens of other lawyers on TV.
  2. Are you the attorney I would meet with in the office? Most of the time, you will talk to a lawyer when you call, but that is not the lawyer handling your case or the face that you will see every time you enter the office for a meeting or settlement talks.
  3. Who handles my case daily? Sometimes, these law firms are so overwhelmed with calls that they hand off their cases and clients to paralegals and case managers. You rarely interact with the attorney.
  4. How do you keep in touch with me? Most TV law firms are those that have a heavy case load. They could be trying dozens to hundreds of cases in the same six-month period. That means it is hard to juggle clients, remember names, or even keep in touch with the clients waiting for answers.
  5. How many cases does an attorney take on at one time? Some TV attorneys are case mills. They grab as many cases as possible and work to settle them quickly.  When an attorney has a vast number of cases at once, they rarely put the attention into the case that it deserves, which often means a smaller settlement for you.

Speak with an Attorney That Has Time to Help

The Law Offices of B. Clarke Nash, P.C. understands what you are going through and knows you have questions. More importantly, he doesn’t see you as a number or even an opportunity to quickly settle a case and move on to the next. Schedule a consultation with him today to explore your legal options by calling 912-200-5292 or request more information online.