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No one can predict a dog attack. In fact, most dog bite cases involve dogs that are loving, gentle animals that bite out of nowhere. Sometimes, attacks are foreseeable, and the dog itself has a history of aggressive behavior.

By knowing the reasons why most dog bites and attacks occur, you can protect yourself from becoming a victim. Naturally, if you or a loved one is injured in a vicious dog attack, contact an injury attorney. A dog bite injury attorney cannot only help you file a claim, but ensure the public is protected from an aggressive dog.

Common Reasons Why Dogs Attack and Bite

Dogs will often give a warning, whether that is barking, growling or showing teeth. This is their way of telling people that they are aggressive and may attack. Whether you own a dog or are near one, it is imperative that you know the reasons dogs bite and what can force a dog to become vicious – even against their owners.

  1. Protection – Dogs are very territorial. Therefore, they will attack when they are protecting what they believe is theirs. A dog might protect their loved ones, their food, and even their toys. However, there are instances where dogs feel territorial, but should not be. When a dog snaps or bites over food and toys, they must be trained not to exhibit such behavior. Inadequate training and neglect often lead to attacks regarding protection.
  2. Pain – Dogs are like humans and feel pain. However, they cannot express their pain or discomfort. Therefore, a dog that is sick may be easily upset or bite as a warning to be left alone. Never approach a sick dog. Instead, leave them be and seek attention from your veterinarian.
  3. Fear – Dogs do attack out of fear, just like a human might. When the dog feels cornered, threatened or frightened, he or she may attack in defense. A perceived threat, however, could turn into a deadly dog attack; especially for more aggressive breeds.
  4. Excitement – Dogs sometimes bite out of excitement, but this is typically standard for a younger dog or puppy than adults. Puppies are playful and bite out of play, but not to harm. However, large breed puppies can still hurt a person with even a playful bite; regardless if they had any intention of doing so.
  5. Maternal Instinct – Female dogs might bite when they have puppies. They demand respect around their puppies, and when they first give birth, it is not recommended that you or anyone visiting approach the mother and her pups. The mother needs a non-distracting location and must feel safe where they are placed to avoid any aggressive behavior.

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