Rural Georgia Roads Susceptible to 18-Wheeler Accidents

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Large, heavy 18-wheelers are a common sight along America’s interstate highway system, particularly the long I-95 corridor that links southern coastal cities, such as Savannah, with Philadelphia and New York City. With so many articulated trucks on the highway, one might expect that a majority of fatal 18-wheeler accidents would occur on major U.S. highways.

Yet the opposite is actually true. According to information released by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), some 61 percent of all fatal crashes involving large trucks occur on rural roads. And while one might also guess that the hours of darkness are the most dangerous, 63 percent of all fatal heavy truck accidents occur during between 6:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m.

Additional Factors Associated With Heavy Truck Accidents

The FMCSA study reports a number of other important factors associated with 18-wheeler accidents, including:

  •  About 19 percent of all injury crashes, and 20 percent of all property damage-only crashes, involving large trucks occurred at night (6:00 pm to 6:00 am).
  •  The 5-day workweek is the most dangerous time for heavy truck accidents, with 84 percent of fatal crashes and 88 percent of nonfatal crashes occurring on weekdays from Monday through Friday.
  •  In 2014, the last year studied, 30 percent of work zone fatal crashes and nine percent of work zone injury crashes involved at least one large truck.
  •  Overturn (rollover) was the first harmful event (the first event during a crash that resulted in injury or property damage) in five percent of all fatal crashes involving large trucks, and two percent of all nonfatal crashes involving large trucks.

Typical Causes of Heavy Truck Accidents

While texting by automobile drivers has become an increasingly common cause of auto crashes, heavy truck drivers tend not to use smartphones while driving. Accidents involving heavy trucks are more likely linked to one of the following causes:

  •  Speeding
  •  Tire failure
  •  Sleepy drivers
  •  Hazardous weather conditions
  •  Mechanical failures
  •  Improper safety checks performed on heavy trucks
  •  Improper loading of freight

Trucking Companies Try to Use Their Own Investigative Firms Following Accidents

Today, many trucking companies have close associations with one or more crash investigative firms. Following a heavy truck accident, it is not unusual for the trucking company to dispatch one of these “friendly” investigators. Care should be taken when discussing the accident with any such private investigating team. The best course of action is to speak only with police authorities. Otherwise, say nothing. In most cases, it is particularly important to contact an experienced attorney who understands the issues involved in a heavy truck accident.

Have You Been Involved in a Truck Accident?

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