Do You Really Need an Attorney after an Accident?

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If you are involved in an accident and you have suffered injuries, you have a right to file a claim for compensation when that accident was not your fault. To protect those rights, and make sure you do not pay for the losses personally, it may be in your best interest to hire an attorney.

A personal injury attorney is your advocate. They are there not only to ensure you receive compensation but to help you through the complicated process of filing a claim – leaving you free to focus on recovering and getting well.

The Benefits of Hiring an Accident Attorney

Yes, you can go through the process of contacting the insurance companies and attempting to obtain compensation on your own. However, hiring an attorney can make an enormous difference in the outcome of your case. Whenever anyone says the word “attorney,” images of very high attorney fees can often come into a person’s mind. But you have no need to fear attorney fees. We work on a contingency fee basis – so you don’t pay a dime unless and until you get your compensation.

Here are some specifics on how hiring an attorney can be highly beneficial.

  • The law limits how much time you have to file your lawsuit. In Georgia, the statute of limitations is two years, which means that you must file your lawsuit within that time – or be forever barred from seeking compensation. While that may seem like a long time, it goes by quickly. And before you file, many things – such as collection of evidence, and initial negotiations – need to be done. An attorney ensures your case stays on track and the statute of limitations timer does not run out.
  • You might not know the damages you could claim. Unless you have experience filing injury claims, you are likely unaware of the amount of compensation you could receive. For example, you could qualify for lost wages, future earnings, loss of enjoyment of life, medical costs, pain and suffering, emotional distress, and more. The average non-attorney is not up to date on the full list of possible recovery options.
  • You are trying to recover from your injuries. Your injuries could be severe, and you may have long-term complications as a result. The last thing you need is to worry about properly drafting and filing paperwork, contacting insurance companies, negotiating, and appearing in court. An attorney handles all of these tasks for you – and more – so that you can focus on your recovery.
  • Proving liability is harder than you think. To prove liability you need a police report and eyewitnesses, but also access to an investigative team who can help prove that you were not at-fault. Be assured that the opposing side will have all of these things! So those who choose to go into a case without an attorney are at an immediate disadvantage.
  • An attorney has experience negotiating personal injury cases. This is perhaps the most important of all the benefits that an attorney brings to your case. They’ve done this before.  Probably many hundreds of times. Therefore, they know the tactics routinely used by insurance companies to “low-ball” victims – and they know how to get their clients the settlement they deserve.

Speak with an Attorney Regarding Your Injury Case

After an accident, the first thing you should do is seek medical attention. Then, contact your insurance company to report the injury. Your insurance company likely has a clause in the policy that requires you to notify them of an injury.

After those two critical steps, you should contact a personal injury attorney. Clarke Nash is here to help you with your injury case in the Savannah area. Schedule a consultation today at 912-200-5292 or request more information online.