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After an injury, you may be on the fence about hiring an attorney for your accident case. While you may not be ready to file an official personal injury lawsuit, there are benefits to hiring an injury attorney immediately after the crash. An injury lawyer can help represent you while you recover from your injuries, and more importantly, he or she can help you decide if a lawsuit is the best route for compensation.

10 Ways in Which a Personal Injury Attorney Helps After the Injury

  1. An attorney has experience with similar cases; therefore, he or she knows what steps to take next. This is your first time in an accident with a negligent driver or your first slip and fall from a retail store. Therefore, you do not know where to start first. Personal injury lawyers, however, have much experience with these types of cases, and they know what proper steps to take next.
  2. You do not have to pay for legal advice until you win. Your personal injury attorneys are your advocates, and they only receive payment upon a satisfactory settlement. Therefore, you have no obligation when hiring one.
  3. Your attorney helps save time. You do not have hours to request medical records, contact the police, review medical charts and file paperwork, but your attorney does. Attorneys also have a staff ready to help with the minor tasks that could take you hours to complete.
  4. An attorney helps you gather evidence. While you may not be ready to file a claim, your attorney has access to investigators who can gather evidence, prove liability, and strengthen your case so that insurance companies are more apt to settle.
  5. Your attorney provides you with an objective opinion. You are emotionally tied to the incident, but your lawyer can put aside the emotions and help you think rationally about the situation.
  6. Your attorney has access to alternative routes of resolution. You may not even have to file an official lawsuit to receive compensation. Sometimes, your attorney can use other resolution methods, such as negotiating with the other attorney, to reach a settlement without ever going to trial.
  7. Your attorney has experience working with other attorneys. The other side is likely to hire an attorney, and this attorney will have in-depth knowledge about how to defend a person from a liability-based lawsuit. Therefore, having an attorney represent you is your best way to ensure you reach a solution and the other attorneys do not bully you.
  8. An attorney has knowledge about the personal injury laws and process. Personal injury lawyers spend years in school and years practicing before they perfect the art of negotiations and using the law. Therefore, they know the right process, procedures, and rules to protect you.
  9. Your attorney will get you a higher settlement. Attorneys calculate all factors, such as future costs and lost wages that you may not think about, ensuring that you get a larger settlement.
  10. An attorney is always ready for trial (if necessary). If the other side refuses to offer a good settlement, your attorney is more than prepared to take the case to trial.

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