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After an accident, it is the obligation of each driver to stop, exchange information, and ensure everyone involved is okay.

Unfortunately, not all drivers obey that legal obligation. In fact, many will drive away from the scene of the accident. The result is a driver with injuries and damages and no one to hold accountable for them. While that driver was trying to escape the civil liability of the accident, they also have now committed a criminal act. So, if found, that driver may face criminal penalties in addition to a civil lawsuit.

After a hit and run, you still have options for recovering compensation — even if police do not locate that driver at-fault for the incident.

Does Car Insurance Cover Injuries from a Hit and Run?

In Georgia, you are required to carry automobile insurance. There are minimum liability coverages required, but these do not include uninsured motorist coverage. However, Georgia statutes require insurers in the state to offer uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage.

So, you would have to reject the coverage in writing for it to not be on your insurance policy. Therefore, it is likely your policy has it. The amounts, however, are listed on the declarations page of your policy.

If you are involved in a hit-and-run accident, your uninsured motorist coverage could provide you with coverage for multiple situations, including:

  • The driver has no insurance coverage.
  • A driver has insurance, but not enough to cover your injuries and damages.
  • You are in a hit-and-run, and the at-fault driver fled the scene.

Your policy should automatically cover you, your spouse, any relatives living in your home, and any passengers riding in your vehicle at the time of the accident.

Stacked versus Unstacked Uninsured Coverage

In the state, you have two options for UM/UIM coverage: stacked and non-stacked. The type you have will determine compensation and how you file a claim.

  • Stacked Insurance: Stacked insurance is essentially an add-on or excess coverage amount. That means you can unlock it beyond the coverage of the negligent party.
  • Unstacked Insurance: Traditional or reduction coverage is considered unstacked. This coverage only applies once the amount exceeds the at-fault driver’s limits. It depends solely on the amount of coverage you purchased.

Injured in a Hit and Run? Contact a Savannah Personal Injury Attorney

After a severe motor vehicle accident, contact Clarke Nash.

Unlocking your UM/UIM insurance coverage is not always easy — especially when the at-fault driver is not found.

Clarke can help you assess your case, look at your liability coverage options, and get compensation for your injuries.

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