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dram shop liabilityDrunk driving is devastating. Every evening in Savannah and its surrounding communities – and even during the daytime – drivers choose to get behind the wheel of a car while intoxicated.

It is an irresponsible, dangerous, and often deadly decision. Innocent people suffer terrible injuries at the hands of drunk drivers. Many lose their lives. Victims include children, teenagers, and adults – and every one of those deaths is a tragedy that could have been avoided.

It goes without saying that drunk drivers can be held individually accountable for the suffering that they cause. And often, their insurance companies are also responsible for paying for victims’ damages.

But under the Georgia Dram Shop Act, it is also possible to hold liable the people or establishments who served alcohol to the drunk driver. That body of law is referred to as dram shop liability or social host liability, and it can play an important role in helping victims cover the overwhelming costs of a drunk driving accident.

Restaurants and bars make a lot of money by enabling inebriation. While many bartenders and pub owners are responsible about the amount of alcohol they provide, others aren’t.

Establishments that serve alcohol have a legal duty to stop serving anyone who appears to be intoxicated. If they fail to do so, and that person then goes on to cause an accident while impaired, the establishment can be held liable. And, in many cases, the establishment will also have an insurance policy that provides compensation for the victims.

Getting that compensation isn’t always easy, but an aggressive and strategic legal team can make a big difference. Attorney B. Clarke Nash has years of experience as a Savannah dram shop lawyer. He can help you handle every aspect of your case, from the underlying auto accident claim and DUI/DWI investigation to third-party lawsuits, including a social host liability claim.

At The Law Offices of B. Clarke Nash, we are prepared to fight to get you each penny of the compensation that you deserve.

Asking the Tough Questions

In almost any dram shop liability case, the bar or barkeepers will insist that they had no idea that the driver was too drunk for them to serve. But it isn’t necessarily a matter of “their word vs. yours.”

Facts matter, and the alcohol-serving establishment’s legal duty is clear. Attorney B. Clarke Nash is prepared to aggressively investigate your accident and ask tough questions, getting to the bottom of whether the bar or bartender really rose to its duty under Georgia personal injury law. Those questions might include:

  • How many drinks did you serve? Did you count?
  • What was the driver’s behavior like upon entering the bar?
  • How long was the driver present in the bar?
  • How much did the driver spend?
  • Did the driver enter alone or with a large group, indicating a carpool situation?
  • Would it be difficult for patrons to access the establishment without a car?
  • Did the driver valet his or her car?
  • Did the establishment attempt to arrange for a cab, Uber, or alternative transportation?
  • How many incidents involving intoxication or DUI/DWI accidents have happened in connection with this establishment in the past?
  • What did the driver say to other people in the bar while there?

We don’t have to rely solely on the establishment’s side of the story. For instance, we often investigate:

  • Eyewitness interviews / testimony
  • Bank or credit/debit card statements
  • Uber records or taxi driver logs
  • Security camera surveillance recordings
  • Bar sales records / accounting logs
  • Police reports
  • Telephone records
  • Any other relevant evidence

As an experienced Savannah dram shop lawyer, Mr. Nash is prepared to do what it takes to get his clients the compensation that they deserve. In many cases, our team is able to negotiate a favorable out-of-court settlement. But, in every case, we are ready and willing to go to trial if that’s what it takes.

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Questions about dram shop liability in Georgia? These cases can be complicated, not to mention emotionally challenging, but please never make assumptions about your rights or entitlements without consulting an experienced lawyer first.

If you or someone you love has been injured or killed in a DUI/DWI accident, it is possible that social host liability played a part – even if you don’t realize it.

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