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After a car accident, you feel shaken.

However, you cannot identify if you are hurt or if you will walk away from that incident unscathed. So, you go through the motions. You exchange insurance information with the other party, call and report the accident to the authorities, and schedule a tow pickup.

Going to the emergency room, even with an ambulance offering to take you, is a cost you are not ready to endure. You have a high insurance deductible, and you do not want to use it unless you are seriously injured.

So, you go home.

The next morning you wake up in severe pain. Your neck is stiff and cannot move. Your head is pounding, your limbs ache, and there are bruises all over your body. You realize that you are seriously injured, but is it too late?

Before You Put Off an Injury, Consider the Facts

All too often, injury victims will forego emergency medical care thinking they are fine. Only, just as the example above shows, the next day, a few hours later, or sometimes a few days later that is when they realize that they are severely injured.

It is important that you understand the urgency to seek medical attention–even if you think you are fine.

Here are a few reasons to consider accepting the ambulance ride regardless of how you feel or what your insurance deductible might be:

  • You might have high levels of adrenaline masking serious injuries. Your body’s natural responses release adrenaline after an accident. It is part of the fight-or-flight response. While ideal for avoiding and surviving danger, this natural response thwarts personal injury claims. It masks symptoms and signs of serious injuries. In many cases, a person has catastrophic injuries that are masked by adrenaline.
  • You could suffer from worse injuries. By delaying medical treatment, you could have undetected bleeding or organ damage. Once they become more severe and left untreated, it becomes life-threatening and could lead to permanent damage.
  • You are weakening your evidence needed for causation. In a personal injury claim, it is difficult to  say the accident caused your injuries if you did not seek medical care until 72 hours later. Instead, you give the defense a prime opportunity to argue that something else happened in the interim.
  • You weaken the evidence showing your harm. If you were hurt so badly, an insurance company and good defense lawyer would ask why you did not seek medical care. They know about adrenaline, but they will not let the jurors know. So, they will work to disprove and make you seem as though you are seeking compensation for injuries that don’t exist.

In an Accident? Seek Medical Care and Contact an Attorney Immediately

After an accident, do not delay medical treatment. Regardless of how you feel, you could have serious injuries masked by adrenaline. Also, if you have catastrophic injuries you need compensation for, your best protection for damages comes from how you act immediately after your accident.

Once you have received medical attention, contact me, Clarke Nash. As a local personal injury advocate, I understand your reservations about seeking medical care. Even if you did not see a doctor, I can argue on your behalf, find evidence, and increase the chances of receiving a settlement.

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