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After a motor vehicle accident, your vehicle is totaled and while you walked away without anything catastrophic, you most certainly have neck pain, stiffness, and discomfort – all of which disrupt your daily life.

Your first thought might be to see a chiropractor. After all, you do not have anything serious going on. But while chiropractors are excellent for after-accident care, they are not the first professional you should see.

Who Should You See First?

Your first contact after an accident, medically speaking, is your family physician or an emergency room doctor. You need a medical professional to examine you – even if you think that you are okay. These professionals will start the medical records for your case, but also conduct internal scans to make sure you do not have more severe injuries that might not have shown symptoms yet.

For example, you could have a spinal cord injury. If you do not receive treatment for that injury right away, it could continue to swell and cause permanent damage. A person could walk around with a spinal cord injury, suffering discomfort, but the real symptoms might not reveal themselves for a few hours.

The same goes for a traumatic brain injury, especially a concussion. You might feel fine, but eventually you might develop headaches, blurred vision, insomnia, mood changes, and more.

When Does Seeing a Chiropractor Make Sense?

If you suffer from whiplash or soft tissue injuries, you might seek treatment from a chiropractor. However, this should only be done after your primary doctor has ruled out anything serious and cleared you for chiropractic treatment.

While chiropractors are excellent at helping alleviate pain and speeding up recovery time, they are often questioned by judges, juries, and even insurance companies in a personal injury claim. If, however, you have chiropractic care prescribed by a medical doctor, you will have the medical record trail and a better foundation that proves your chiropractic care was necessary as part of your recovery.

Do Not Listen to Claims of Spinal Degeneration

A typical marketing tactic by chiropractors is to tell accident victims that they risk spinal degeneration if they do not see a chiropractor immediately after an accident. However, there are no studies that prove this claim. Instead, it is best that you see a medical doctor first. Furthermore, if your diagnosis does not warrant chiropractic care, insurance companies will not pay for the treatments you receive – regardless of how much money you have spent on them.

Bottom Line: Speak with a Savannah Injury Attorney When Unsure

If you have symptoms after an accident, see a physician as quickly as possible. Then, after that you can see a chiropractor for further treatment if you and your doctor believe it is necessary.

In any event, before you see a chiropractor contact your insurance company to report the accident. The longer you wait, the harder it will be to file your claim. And after you have seen your physician, speak with Clarke Nash about your case.

As an experienced personal injury lawyer, Clarke can help you not only file your case but argue for treatments that insurance companies like to deny.

To get started, schedule a consultation with Clarke at 912-200-5292, or request more information online.