Accidents are a part of life. Negligence, though, should never be taken for granted.

Every day in Georgia, hardworking people are injured to no fault of their own, and the negligent parties responsible for those damages are all too eager to walk away. That isn’t fair.

Fortunately, Georgia personal injury law is set up to protect accident victims and give them recourse against those who would hurt them and then simply shrug off their financial responsibilities.

Those protections apply in car crashes, workplace accidents, and even in injuries that happen while you’re out shopping or simply walking around town. Wherever you go, the law is there to protect you from other people’s irresponsible behavior.

In fact, Georgia personal injury law even extends to situations where the person at fault never intended any harm. Whether it’s the neighbors who accidentally let their vicious dog loose or a driver who didn’t realize how much they’d had to drink, legal protections apply to those who suffer accidental injury.

In some cases, injuries happen because a professional failed to rise to his or her standard of care. We see that in the case of doctors, dentists, nurses, surgeons, and more. It’s true with product manufacturers, insurance corporations, and pharmaceutical companies too. The power players in this world have a responsibility to keep you safe when you do business with them or entrust yourself to their care.

But in all of these cases, the wrongdoers have a tendency to run away from their liability when they can. Even if they are clearly in the wrong, they would much rather you pay for your own injuries than dip into their own pockets to pay for it.

Insurance companies are especially notorious for evading responsibility after an injury. That’s concerning because the majority of mishaps in this state ultimately involve an insurance provider.

That is precisely why Georgians need an experienced personal injury attorney to fight for their rights and take a stand against powerful parties like hospitals, employers, auto insurance companies, and more.

Powerful and aggressive legal representation can be hard to find in a smaller town. But at The Law Offices of B. Clarke Nash, P.C., we believe everyone deserves a fair shot at justice. That’s why we make our legal services, which are headquartered in Savannah, available to the people of Brunswick and Glynn County, Georgia.

If you or someone you know has suffered injury, injustice, or hardship as a result of someone else’s negligence, please get in touch with a Brunswick, GA personal injury attorney in our office right away. We can help. Keep reading to find out how — and why — we do what we do.

We Pursue Maximum Financial Compensation for the People of Brunswick

Attorney B. Clarke Nash spent many years as an insurance defense attorney. Today, he dedicates himself to fighting for the people of Georgia instead.

As an advocate for victims’ rights, Mr. Nash brings unique leverage to the table. His insight as a former insurance defense lawyer gives him an insider’s perspective that might make all the difference in your case.

Mr. Nash knows how the other side sees your claim. He understands their tactics, their vulnerabilities, and the strategies that are likely to lead them toward a settlement.

Indeed, settlement is always on the table in any personal injury lawsuit. As a general rule, an out-of-court settlement works to everyone’s advantage. That’s because court requires a lot of time, anxiety, and expense. Everyone would rather avoid it.

But at The Law Offices of B. Clarke Nash, P.C., we are dedicated to maximizing your financial compensation and achieving the best possible outcome in every case. So unlike many other law firms, we aren’t willing to agree to outrageous compromises just to quickly settle your case.

Fortunately, with our insider’s perspective and years of proven experience, we are able to achieve advantageous settlements in most of the cases we handle. But if the other side refuses to negotiate fairly and pay their fair share, we are always ready and willing to take them to court, where we will make an aggressive and compelling demonstration of your rights to compensation.

The insurance companies know that about us, and that’s why we’re often so successful with settlements. In us, you will find a Brunswick, GA personal injury attorney who can get the job done.

Why We Love Brunswick, Georgia

Brunswick is one Georgia’s most beautiful and charming cities. It’s no wonder that so many tourists visit every year. Ideally situated on the coast, near three major highways, and just off Interstate 95, Brunswick has become a staple in many people’s annual vacations — a venerable and lovely stopover for some; a destination for others.

Whatever it is that brings people to Brunswick, one thing is certain: they come. And with them, we see accidents. These include:

  • Car crashes
  • Commercial trucking accidents
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Distracted driving
  • DUI / DWI
  • Pedestrian accidents
  • Catastrophic injuries
  • Wrongful death
  • More

And because Brunswick is home to so many industries and commercial enterprises, we see accidents related to labor and professional care there as well. These include:

  • Workplace injuries (Georgia workers’ compensation)
  • Premises liability
  • Product liability
  • Medical malpractice
  • Pharmaceutical malpractice
  • Government lawsuits
  • More

Brunswick is as captivating and peaceful a place as any. Truly, the “Port City” is one of Georgia’s brightest-shining stars. Whether you come for the shrimp or the shore, you can’t go wrong with a visit there. And whether you’re on vacation or call it your home all year long, we want you to know that you have an experienced and aggressive legal advocate to protect you when things go wrong.

When you need help, a Brunswick, GA personal injury attorney in our office is here for you.

Free Consultations: We Can Come to Brunswick, GA

We offer free consultations — online, over the phone, and even in person! Please get in touch with our office to find out how we can meet your needs. Remember: If we accept your case, you won’t pay us a penny unless and until we win. Contact us now to schedule a free consultation with a Brunswick, GA personal injury attorney today.