10 Most Dangerous Foods for Truck Drivers

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Eating and driving do not mix. In fact, eating or drinking items while driving is a distraction – and it could impair your ability to react or even monitor the road ahead. Truck drivers are often forced to eat their meals on the road, due to deadlines and time constraints. While all eating should be ideally done on the side of the road or at the local truck stop, there are times when it is just not possible.

Truck drivers need to be aware of their surroundings, especially when driving a large, potentially dangerous vehicle. In addition to avoiding distractions in the form of technologies, there are certain foods and drinks that they should also avoid – since these are more likely to distract a driver.

What Foods and Drinks Should Truck Drivers Avoid Consuming?

If you have to eat and drive, there are 10 items that you should avoid no matter what type of time constraints you face. These foods and beverages include:

  1. Hot Coffee – Hot coffee can easily move around inside a cup and spill on your hand or clothing. It is dangerously distracting. If you need coffee, avoid drinking from an open cup or even a paper/plastic cup that easily moves. Instead, use an insulated and sealed commuter coffee mug.
  2. Hot Soup – There are times when drivers may be tempted to drink hot soup – especially during the winter or while dealing with a cold. If you must have soup on the road, sip it from a sealed commuter mug and avoid soups that are too viscous to drink easily.
  3. Tacos – Everyone knows that when you eat a taco, the majority of it will fall out – the same happens while driving. Tacos can spill onto your lap and cause dangerous, erratic driving as you attempt to clean it up.
  4. Chili – Chili and foods that obviously require a spoon or fork should never be eaten on the road. Consuming these foods while driving is just asking for disaster. Even if you think that you can sip it from a coffee mug, leave the chili for restaurants and truck stops.
  5. Hamburgers – Even a plain hamburger will be difficult to eat – especially as sauce drips on clothing or if a piece of it falls on your lap.
  6. Barbequed Foods – These require napkins or wet wipes, and should never be eaten while you are driving. BBQ sauce itself is distracting as it drips onto your clothing and seat.
  7. Fried Chicken – Fried chicken can be eaten with one hand, but you should always have two hands available to control your vehicle.
  8. Donuts Filled with Cream or Jelly – These are prone to spills and are generally messy to eat. As the items scatter on your clothing, you can easily become distracted while wiping them off.
  9. Canned Drinks or Bottles – These can be safe, as long as you keep them in a drink holder. But, if they start rolling around the inside of your cab and you attempt to reach for them, you could take your hands and eyes off the road – or even accidentally swerve your vehicle into another.
  10. Chocolate – Chocolate can be messy. If you need to eat candy on the road, stick to smaller items that you can pop into your mouth, and ones that are less likely to melt in your hands.

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