Common Causes of Savannah Golf Cart Accidents

Categories: Golf Cart Accident

blackfin golf cart

Golf carts are no longer just for going around the course. While they are predominant on the green, they are also a means of transportation in sporting events, gated communities, hospitals, and even on college campuses. They offer green and convenient travel from one place to another. However, with their use growing in popularity, you…

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Does My Injury Qualify for a Defective Product Claim?

Categories: Products Liability

blackfin defective product

An injury from a product you used might be eligible for a defective product claim. Defective product cases are broad. However, an injury that results from a defective product, known as product liability, falls into one of three categories: Faulty Manufacturing Defective Design Failure to Provide Warning or Instruction Understanding each group might help you…

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A Checklist for Back Injury Claims

Categories: Personal Injury

blackfin back injury claim

Back injuries occur in various ways. They involve different areas of the back (e.g., muscles, ligaments, joints, tissues, and the spine). Some back injuries are small, while others are severe and often the result of a catastrophic accident. Back injuries occur in a variety of settings, too, such as a motor vehicle collision, slip and…

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What is a Structured Settlement in an Injury Claim?

Categories: Personal Injury

blackfin structured settlement

Most personal injury cases settle with a single lump sum payment. A lump sum means that you, the plaintiff, receives a one-time payment from the defendant, which settles your case. In some instances, a plaintiff might receive a structured settlement from the defendant. Structured settlements involve payments of the settlement over time for years until…

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