Time Limits to File a Wrongful Death Action and the Discovery Rule

Categories: Wrongful Death

anthony wrongful death

All civil actions come with time limits. The state dictates these time limits. While most states stick with a one or two-year policy, you must realize that there is also the “discovery rule,” which dramatically changes the time frame of individual wrongful death cases. Naturally, you should speak with a wrongful death attorney regarding your…

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A Violation of Building Codes in a Slip and Fall Case

Categories: Personal Injury

anthony slip and fall

Indoors, if you slip, trip, or fall because part of the property is damaged or in ill-condition, you may hold the property owner, tenant or management company responsible. In most cases, these defects that cause injuries are preventable and are the result of poor building maintenance, or outright violations of building safety codes. Regardless of…

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Proving Your Complaint Against a Nursing Home

Categories: Nursing Home Abuse

anthony nursing home

You hire a nursing home to take care of your ailing loved one. You put your trust in them, pay them, and expect a caring and safe environment in return. Sadly, not all nursing homes provide what family members expect. In fact, nursing home injuries and wrongful deaths are becoming increasingly common in the United…

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What are the Most Dangerous Intersections in Our State?

Categories: Car Accident

anthony Intersection Crash

Georgia is home to hundreds of miles of city streets, highways, and private roads. While most of these roads are safe, some intersections are worse. In fact, some intersections in our state can be hazardous. It should be noted that driving is inherently risky. You cannot control the actions of other drivers on the road….

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The Loss of Consortium Explained (Finally)

Categories: Wrongful Death

anthony hand on a gravestone

When you file a personal injury lawsuit, you can have several types of damages that you can request from the defendant. When you have a spouse that is injured, and involved in a personal injury lawsuit, the damages resulting from your loss of companionship and the loss of services or benefits are referred to as…

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